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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas ghost

Because Christmas is already over but this polish is still delicious. Ladies and well, ladies meet - Loving bronze!

Loving Bronze! is a polish from the KOH Colours Holiday Spirits 2011 collection, which consists of 3 sparkling tones (Loving Bronze!, Romantic Silver! and Dreamy Gold). Loving Bronze! is not really a bronze colour, I would describe it more as a dusty orange. It has white flecks and golden shimmer. Talking about bringing out the Christmas spirit...

Loving Broze is a dream to apply. Two thin coats and a super quick drying time. Nothing but compliments here.

You can see the white flecks in the picture above and if you look carefully in the top left corner, you can even spot the golden tones.

So, another year is almost at its' end and next year will be the year of the dragon. Don't forget to wear the correct nailpolishes when the countdown begins! Think: big lizards. Green, red and black for instance are great colours. I'm wearing Chanel Peridot, but with a little twist.

Until next year, guys!