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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween's in town

First of all, I'd like to say how happy I am when I look at the statistics of my blog. 370 pageviews from all over the world: Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy. It keeps the motivation to run this blog up.

31st of October is Halloween, time to put on some Halloween nail polish. And what combination of colors represents Halloween more than orange and black?

I used two coats of KOH Metallic Red and one thin coat of the shatter topcoat of OPI in the color Black Shatter. What I noticed around here in Holland is that shatter polishes are growing in popularity so fast. I see them everytime, where two years ago no one even heard of it.

OPI has the best shatter polishes, in my opinion. The formula is just right, not too thick so that it won't crackle at all, but also not too thin. Plus, it doesn't dry out. Beyu is a close second, though.

KOH applies very smoothly in two coats and stays on for a long time. I've been wearing this manicure for four days now and there are no signs of tipwear whatsoever.

30 October is my birthday, have to think up some kind of manicure to represent me turning nineteen. Hm, maybe something with Konad?


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodiebag goodness!

This is the content of the goodiebag that we received at the Beautygloss party. The value was around 100€. Nice! Let's see what's inside.

- Chilly intimate gel.
- Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Mask.

- Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Hair Mask.

I've already tried this one. You have to apply it after your shampoo and conditioner and leave it in for about five minutes. It smells really nice but it is almost impossible to get the mas entirely out of your hair. Which is just about the only dislike I could find about the mask. It makes your hair incredibly soft and moisturized.

- L’Occitane body lotion Cherry Blossom.
- 8×4 deodorant.
- Andrélon Volume and Care shampoo.
- John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Shampoo.
- Kneipp bath oil.
- Hannah high quality creme.
- L’Occitane douchegel Cherry Blossom.
- Max Factor Xperience Foundation

This product is great. I'm not really into foundation, because it makes my face look like I put a pancake on it. But this one has such a light texture and formula that it glides onto your skin and gives your skin that little bit of extra.

 I had a picture of the foundation applied on my face but it my expression was too ridiculous to post.

- Rimmel Volume Accelerator mascara.

- Testers.

This goodiebag was full of surprises! And surprises are my cup of tea ;).


Monday, October 24, 2011


Yumm, I absolutely love green apples and got excited seeing this colour on my vacation in Russia:

I've never heard of this brand before: Moda Extra Strong Nail Polish in the color 270 and it resembles OPI Who The Shrek Are You? a little bit, but I don't have that polish so I can't compare the two.

270 is an apple green creamy polish. It's not sheer at all, what I was expecting because I bought it at the market from a very arrogant woman, but that's not the point at all.

This polish can easily be applied in one coat, but you have to be careful not to smudge it and/or leave bald spots. I used two coats, which is actually a bit too thick and influences the drying time, but even then it was dry in no time.

The next article will be about the goodiebag we received at the Beautygloss party! Here's a sneak peek:


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautygloss party!

It was finally there, Saturday the the 23rd of October, the Beautygloss party! Beautygloss is one of the biggest Dutch beautyblogs, ran by the lovely Mascha. Check out her blog if you're Dutch: http://www.beautygloss.nl/
The location was the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, not far from the train station. I went there with my friend Melissa from Pink Sensation (also a blog worth checking out! http://pinksensation.net/). The theme was formal wear and these were our outfits:

I'm the one on the left, Melissa is the one on the right!

Around 11:30 there was a line forming outside the entrance.

There were pink, white and silver balloons as you can see and a pink carpet instead of a red one. It looked pretty fab from the outside, I could not wait to see how the inside looked like!

This is where the wardrobe was. Everything looked so professional!

I loved these ;)

On the bottom floor was the main area, with a stage, catwalk, DJ and a big screen. The brand Rimmel was there, providing a touch up for your make-up and you could buy 3 products for just 15€! Studio Bellezza also provided touch ups. Then you could also get your skin analyzed, to finally know what kind of skin type you have. There was a huge line throughout the party there. And if you got hungry or thirsty you ask? No problem. At the entrance, we all got a small bag containing coupons. One for a free Red Bull, one for a free cupcake and one for a free bagel.

Around 12:30 they played the opening video on the big screen and the an a cappella ground sang Material Girl from Madonna. Then finally Mascha herself appeared on the stage with her co-host Nadia Palesa (you might know her from MTV). Mascha's dress was fab! It was a tight fitted teal green one. She looked stunning.

After the grand opening, we went out to explore the second floor. The brand Lush offered a hand massage and was selling some of his products (I bought Lemony Flutter there :) ), L’Occitane was there and so were Givenchy, By Beautygloss (Mascha's webshop), NTI and WIT. I think I listed them all. 

By Beautygloss
There was also a balcony, where you could chill out a bit and watch what happened on the first floor.

All the way down in the basement were Herôme and MyDress. Herôme polished your nails and you got the nail polish you picked out for free! Too bad that the line was so long. There were girls who waited three hours to get their nails polished. We decided not to do it, otherwise we'd miss the entire party... 
MyDress was scouting for models the entire event. Ten girl were chosen and showed some of the outfits on the catwalk. One of them would become MyDress' new model! Exciting :). Tom Sebastian was also there to answer all your beauty questions on stage.

The event was captures on photographs and on film. There was this guy who walked around with a huge camera that makes my SLR camera look like some kind of toy...

I loved how every detail was accounted for at this event. The decorations were all spot on.

Like this table that lit up in pink and has white flowers in a vase on them.

This is outside again.
The party lasted from 12:00 to 18:00. Four hours on high heels was not impossible but as good as. My feet still feel kinda sore... But it was all worth it! Thank you, Mascha, for throwing such an amazing party!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

New design, new name!

Huzzah! I decided to rename my blog to Kinetic Polish, because PauseRecordPlay didn't really say anything about the content. So, note that some of the pictures still have the mark PauseRecordPlay, but they really do belong here!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nail disaster - a horror story

This happened to me last year.

It was midnight. The streets were empty except for wolves howling in the distance. I was sitting behind my laptop, scrolling through a blog when suddenly ... the lights went out! I realized I was not alone in the darkness and someone put his hand on my shoulder...

Okay, okay, so it was in the middle of the day! Just joking. Prom was a couple of weeks away and I was growing my nails for it. Usually, I don't let them get too long, because of horseback riding. You know how annoying it is to saddle up with long nails? Plus, they'll break off anyway...
I was on my way home when I somehow managed to hit my nail against the bike's steer. And then the worst thing ever happened:

Can you believe it? Two weeks for prom! :( Normally, I don't really care about breaking a nail but now that I was actually growing them long for prom...
I just wanted to share ;)

120 shimmer palette

I know, I know - this was supposed to be a nail polish blog, but I couldn't help but involve my 120 shimmer palette from the Boozyshop into this.

The outside of the box with a red string to switch between the two loose palettes, which are stacked on top of each other.

I mean, the outside already looks delicious. Let's have a look at the inside.

The two palettes are not attached to the box and can be removed.

The top one consist of bright colors, the bottom one of the more nude shades. They all have great pigmentation, but I'll come back to that later.

A close-up.

And a picture of the separate palette, once taken out of the box:

Like I said before, I ordered this one from the Boozyshop (a Dutch site). It came in 3 days later, no damaging and in perfect condition. The few smudges you can see on the pictures was my fault - I couldn't keep my hands off it. 
I created a couple of looks with it so you can see the pigmentation and the overall look of the eyeshadow.

Products used:
- 120 shimmer palette (a light brown one and a coppery brown)
- MAC paint pot
- MAC liquid eyeliner in black
- Maxfactor masterpiece mascara also in black

Products used:
- 120 shimmer palette (a light silver one and a frosty blue)
- MAC paint pot
- MAC liquid eyeliner in black
- Maxfactor masterpiece mascara also in black

I absolutely love the looks you can create with the many colors with this one. I haven't tried the bold ones yet, simply haven't had the occasion to do so. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Kind Of Black Hole

The next one on the list is Space Cadet - one of the most hyped over nail polishes.
...and I don't get why.

The color is a mix between pink/orange/swampish green/yellow. And that sounds like a great combination, except that the jelly base color is some kind of mix between a black hole and a swampmonster. I really don't get it - it's some kind of green that looks like black but not really.

But that's not the only thing I'm disappointed about. The application kind of sucks too. It needs four solid coats to make the polish cover the entire nail. The drying time is also pretty long, after ten minutes it wasn't completely dry yet and after a night's sleep I discovered a fingerprint on my brand new polished nails.
And then there are these:

Tip wear after a short day at college. Such a bummer, I was so enthusiastic about this polish and now that I have it ... I don't think I can think of one single positive thing about it. Hmmm, I guess not everything you read on the internet is true...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not just a girl in space

This one is probably my favorite one from the Cosmic FX serie. Meet ... Galaxy Girl!

Galaxy Girl has a dark red wine as jelly base and lots of blue and red wine glass flecks. Yummy!

The application is smooth, but once again - Galaxy Girl needs three  coats to even out all the bald spots in your polish. It dries quickly, provided that you do use a topcoat that actually works.

In the sunlight.

And here another picture, just for fun :)