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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS - Itty-bitty living space!

Yes, that's right - and Aladdin quote. Already guessed what I'm about to do? No? Really? Okay, here comes another hint: it's got something to do with nails. I knew you would guess it!
So, to get things moving, I've decided to try out a couple of Disney mani's. We're kicking off with Aladdin - possibly one of my favorite movies.

Products used:

  • China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  • ORLY Plum Noir
  • Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls

This is inspired by the Wonder Cave at the beginning of the movie. You know, the big sandy tiger thing? Yeah, that one. The red dots are the big rubies found in the cave. 

The next one up is Alice in Wonderland. Another one of my favorites. Although I found the book more interesting. *shrug*

What's your favorite Disney movie?


Monday, March 12, 2012

London's Glitter

You know those polishes which you really wanted to have and then you buy them ... and never use them. These are two of them: Catrice London's Weather Forecast & Essence Glitter Polish.
Now I'm sitting here wondering why the hell I haven't used these two after buying them a few years ago.

The glitter was sort-of hard to apply, meaning that it bunches up and you have to move it around your nail to get it in the right spot. But other than that - GLITTER! Yay!

Here's a bonus picture of my cat-mani:

Sorry for the blur! 


Sunday, March 4, 2012


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