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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Like a sir


Blogger has a new look, for those who did not know this. It was quite a shock when I logged in. Of course, it had been announced but I thought it would be like the trial period of Winrar...
Okay, that was a quick side note :'). Now on to the business of the day. I have one hint:

Moustaches! Yes, I'm going along with the moustache trend. Sigh. But they're so fun!

Just look at it! And they're really not hard to make. You just need a steady hand and a thin paint brush. It's  even possible if your hands aren't that steady. You know, like mine.

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps, the white one (I couldn't find the name or number on my bottle?).
  • Nameless black polish.

Also, I (finally) bought some acrylic paint and made my very first mani with it. Check back, because the next mani features pink acrylic paint...