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Friday, April 6, 2012

We're All Mad Here

 "I've often seen a cat without a grin,” thought Alice; “but a grin without a cat!" 

It's all about Cheshire this time. Cheshire is a grinning cat from the book Alice in Wonderland. He is first encountered at the Dutchess' house and then sitting in a tree. He often brings up philosophical questions which annoy Alice. This is what Wikipedia has to say about this creature:

"The phrase appears in print in John Wolcot's pseudonymous Peter Pindar's Pair of Lyric Epistles in 1792: "Lo, like a Cheshire cat our court will grin." Earlier than that, A classical dictionary of the vulgar tongue by Francis Grose (The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged, London 1788) contains the following entry: "CHESHIRE CAT. He grins like a Cheshire cat; said of any one who shows his teeth and gums in laughing."."

Cheshire Cat Tenniel.jpg

Now on to the manicure. I wanted to keep the colours close to those of a normal house cat, unlike the Disney version of the Cheshire cat (which is purple, in case you didn't know). And of course, the grin couldn't be let out...

Tadaaah! The black bow is Alice's hairband. 

The polishes used for this are:
  • ORLY Faint of Heart
  • ORLY You're Blushing
  • Sally Hansen French Manicure White
  • And a black striping polish from an unknown brand
This was one of my favorite mani's ever, even with the few mistakes made here and there. Everything was freehanded. And this is a bonus picture of my two thumbs together, a bit more practice is needed.