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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The miracle that is Peridot

Hiiii, this is a small interlude in which I show you my new polish: Peridot from Chanel. I'm broke, but at least I have this beauty!

How could anyone pass up on this? Anyway, you know how sometimes the polish looks amazing in the bottle and then on your nails it's not more than 'meh'?
That is definitely NOT the case with Peridot. It looks just as mesmerizing on the nails.

Peridot has so many different colors in it and that makes it one of the hardest polishes to capture. But the above picture is how it looks most of the time.

Here you can see the little bit of gold in it.

Okay, so I think I actually managed to photograph every color that this polish has to offer. Those colors include: apple green,  turquoise, light blue, gold, dusty pink and swamp-ish green. Can you say - wow? 

Peridot is a slight metallic, which does mean that it can streak. The application is, previous not included, very smooth. You can actually apply it in one thick coat, or you can go with two thin ones like I did. One thing that stands out for me (except the rainbow of colors) is that after applying this polish my nails seem so much stronger. I don't really know if that is a significant detail, but I thought it would be fun to mention nonetheless :).


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