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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautygloss party!

It was finally there, Saturday the the 23rd of October, the Beautygloss party! Beautygloss is one of the biggest Dutch beautyblogs, ran by the lovely Mascha. Check out her blog if you're Dutch: http://www.beautygloss.nl/
The location was the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam, not far from the train station. I went there with my friend Melissa from Pink Sensation (also a blog worth checking out! http://pinksensation.net/). The theme was formal wear and these were our outfits:

I'm the one on the left, Melissa is the one on the right!

Around 11:30 there was a line forming outside the entrance.

There were pink, white and silver balloons as you can see and a pink carpet instead of a red one. It looked pretty fab from the outside, I could not wait to see how the inside looked like!

This is where the wardrobe was. Everything looked so professional!

I loved these ;)

On the bottom floor was the main area, with a stage, catwalk, DJ and a big screen. The brand Rimmel was there, providing a touch up for your make-up and you could buy 3 products for just 15€! Studio Bellezza also provided touch ups. Then you could also get your skin analyzed, to finally know what kind of skin type you have. There was a huge line throughout the party there. And if you got hungry or thirsty you ask? No problem. At the entrance, we all got a small bag containing coupons. One for a free Red Bull, one for a free cupcake and one for a free bagel.

Around 12:30 they played the opening video on the big screen and the an a cappella ground sang Material Girl from Madonna. Then finally Mascha herself appeared on the stage with her co-host Nadia Palesa (you might know her from MTV). Mascha's dress was fab! It was a tight fitted teal green one. She looked stunning.

After the grand opening, we went out to explore the second floor. The brand Lush offered a hand massage and was selling some of his products (I bought Lemony Flutter there :) ), L’Occitane was there and so were Givenchy, By Beautygloss (Mascha's webshop), NTI and WIT. I think I listed them all. 

By Beautygloss
There was also a balcony, where you could chill out a bit and watch what happened on the first floor.

All the way down in the basement were Herôme and MyDress. Herôme polished your nails and you got the nail polish you picked out for free! Too bad that the line was so long. There were girls who waited three hours to get their nails polished. We decided not to do it, otherwise we'd miss the entire party... 
MyDress was scouting for models the entire event. Ten girl were chosen and showed some of the outfits on the catwalk. One of them would become MyDress' new model! Exciting :). Tom Sebastian was also there to answer all your beauty questions on stage.

The event was captures on photographs and on film. There was this guy who walked around with a huge camera that makes my SLR camera look like some kind of toy...

I loved how every detail was accounted for at this event. The decorations were all spot on.

Like this table that lit up in pink and has white flowers in a vase on them.

This is outside again.
The party lasted from 12:00 to 18:00. Four hours on high heels was not impossible but as good as. My feet still feel kinda sore... But it was all worth it! Thank you, Mascha, for throwing such an amazing party!


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