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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nail disaster - a horror story

This happened to me last year.

It was midnight. The streets were empty except for wolves howling in the distance. I was sitting behind my laptop, scrolling through a blog when suddenly ... the lights went out! I realized I was not alone in the darkness and someone put his hand on my shoulder...

Okay, okay, so it was in the middle of the day! Just joking. Prom was a couple of weeks away and I was growing my nails for it. Usually, I don't let them get too long, because of horseback riding. You know how annoying it is to saddle up with long nails? Plus, they'll break off anyway...
I was on my way home when I somehow managed to hit my nail against the bike's steer. And then the worst thing ever happened:

Can you believe it? Two weeks for prom! :( Normally, I don't really care about breaking a nail but now that I was actually growing them long for prom...
I just wanted to share ;)

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