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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Curly tail

OPI Muppets Collection. Expensive, but completely worth it! € 13,95 a pop ... still worth it... I bought Divine Swine. There are enough pictures online of this polish alone so here's something else.

This is Dublin from W.I.C. by Herôme, topped off by Divine Swine. The picture above is taken in natural lighting, on top of my study book (I mean, what else are they for?). 

And there are the bottles. You can see that Divine Swine is full of fuchsia glitter. It also contains hexagon silver chunks of glitter. They are both thrown into a clear base. This polish is hard to apply on its own. I needed at least four coats and a few dots to cover up bald patches. The result is astounding and totally worth it. I won't be showing it, because there are so many swatches of this polish out there, that it would be excessive to dedicate another post about it. But if anyone really wants to see it, I might reconsider! 
Anyway, here is a better picture of the layering.

I used two coats of Dublin and two coats of Divine Swine to achieve this effect. I also switched to a different top coat: Insta-dri from Sally Hansen. It creates the same shiny effect as Seche Vite and dries just as fast, but there is no early chipping and NO TIPWEAR! Huzzah! I'm going to stock up on it, 'cause that stuff is magic in a bottle!

On another note, I'll be writing a guestpost on The Lacquerista soon. So keep your eyes open!


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