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Monday, January 16, 2012


Today was pretty exciting. The European Championship of Water Polo is held in my town and our dancing school approached us with the question if we wanted to be the flag carriers for this event. Hell yes! The dress code was all white and we had to do our hair and make-up because it would be live on tv. Make-up! Hair! Whoooo! Since orange is THE colour of Dutch people, I decided to incorporate it in this look.

Smokey eye with a little twist. I used a buttload of products to achieve this, so if anyone is interested I'll list them. Here's a picture of the overall look, with my hair done too.

I got to hold the Russian flag and the ceremony was horrible at best. Nothing was planned, the band started to play a completely different song and no one actually knew what was going on. But it was fun! Me and a friend needed to go to the toilet and the women's toilet was in the same place as the men's showers. Eh? I'm telling you, those speedos are WAY too tight...



  1. Hahah that ceremony sounds like it was fun! XD You look gorgeous! :D

    1. it was _O_. the worst part was that the top part of my flag fell on my way off the stage! Thank you so much :3

    2. :O!!! OMG!! That sounds like something that would happen to me! That and I would probably have hit someone with it by accident, LOL! XD

    3. hahaha yes! i was waiting for that to happen too! you know what would be absolutely terrible? tripping and falling into the pool. oh geez.

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