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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Young Grass

Hello! ^^

I have another make-up look today! "...but the name of your blog is Kinetic POLISH!? :@" I know but I'm studying for exams now and make-up is faster doable than nails.

So now that that issue is out of the way, today I woke up with the sun shining bright in my face and the grass outside was green - so that's how this look was created!

This looks makes me listen to happy songs and dance around while people look at me with their eyebrow raised. And it also makes me wonder why I spend my time wearing neutral colours when bright ones are so much more fun!

Okay, so now I'm going back to my book to study - I hear it crying "Mariaaaa, your exam is this thuuursdaaay...". 



  1. This is so beautiful!! What a wonderful way to wake up. ^-^
    Good luck with your exam! :D

  2. My eyes are the same color, but I don't believe that I could pull that color off like you can. Maybe give it a try. Nice...

    1. hi! ^^ i'm so sorry for replying this late - but i got sick and haven't been on the computer! anyway, you really should try it - it's fun 8D!